Dragon Con 2013

Here is one video of Dragon Con 2013 that show’s truly how amazing the cosplay at this con is. 


Anime Detour 2013

DSC_7962I was at Anime Detour last weekend for the first time in a couple of years and had a blast.  I went with the intention of taking a load of photos of cosplayers and ended up with over 700 photos.  It was actually a lot of work and I was just beat by the end of the weekend.  But I had a lot of fun taking photos of some really great cosplayers who were ever so nice about being photographed.  Thank you to everyone who let me take photos, I think they turned out pretty nice.  You can see all of them at my Flickr account here.  Here is a sampling.  Enjoy!





Favorite Cosplay Videos

I should have done this a while ago, but I’ve been watching all sorts of cosplayer videos that were created at different Cons and thought I would post some of my favorites.  The first one is from beatdownboogie taken at Dragoncon in Atlanta and it looks like so much fun I am really, REALLY tempted to go.  It’s on Labor Day weekend.  I need to decide.  Also, if you check Youtube there is a much longer version available.  The number of cosplayers is incredible!

Next is a lip dub from Cosplay Fever  created at MCM Expo in London and I think it is incredibly well done.  They have a couple of other lip dub video’s that are really good too.


Unusual Sunset


Friday evening we had a rather unusual sunset.  We’d just had a thunderstorm move through starting to bring in some cooler air after a week of extremely hot and humid weather.  Near sunset you could see some more thunderstorms moving our way, but they were casting shadows on the layer of clouds that was overhead causing the streaks that you see.  It was really something and lasted for 10 – 15 minutes I guess.  It made for some great pictures.




Be sure to click on the photos to see the larger images.

Anime Expo

My daughter brought back a few items for me from Anime Expo which are pretty cool.  First off is an adorable tiny figure of Kyoko, the manager at the Wagnaria restaurant from the anime Working!!.  It’s made by Movic.  She is only about 2 inches tall and has her own parfait which looks pretty tasty.   She’s a favorite character of mine.


Makes you hungry just looking at that parfait.


Not just another cosplay video.

This is probably the most amazing cosplay I’ve seen.  It’s by the beautiful Ya Ya Han who I’ve actually seen in person and is absolutely  breathtaking.  So put that together with incredible video work and it is really unbelievable.  I hope you like it.  There are a couple more up from Katsucon which is held in Washington DC in Feb.  It is really something how good these con videos are getting.

Some Old and New Figures

Since it was a rainy day last Saturday, I thought I would try and get some photos of some of my figures with the camera tethered to the computer.  That really does work nice.  I don’t need to keep pulling the memory card out and uploading all of the shots to the computer, and then delete them from the card.  Anyway, I thought I would share some of the better shots that I took of some of my newer purchases, as well as some of a rather rare Persona 3 figure that I managed to find at Anime Detour a few years back.  I was looking at Google Images to see what was available for images of the Persona 3 Hero figure and found only a handful of shots so I decided to add a few of my own.