Some Old and New Figures

Since it was a rainy day last Saturday, I thought I would try and get some photos of some of my figures with the camera tethered to the computer.  That really does work nice.  I don’t need to keep pulling the memory card out and uploading all of the shots to the computer, and then delete them from the card.  Anyway, I thought I would share some of the better shots that I took of some of my newer purchases, as well as some of a rather rare Persona 3 figure that I managed to find at Anime Detour a few years back.  I was looking at Google Images to see what was available for images of the Persona 3 Hero figure and found only a handful of shots so I decided to add a few of my own.

While not necessarily the most gorgeous figure out there, it was not the easiest to come by.  Now, my latest addition is Makise Kurisu from Steins Gate and this is definitely a lovely figure.  She comes with the keitai and a very tiny metal Oopa.  It’s about the size of a pea, but very cute.


A very nice figure indeed.  Just to finish this up, I took a couple of quick shots of the girls from Working!!.  Popura and Inami, which are both Sega figures, were fairly inexpensive and quite nice quality.  I have the two plus Yamada pre-ordered as Nendoroids which should show up some time this year.  We’ll see when they get here.




That is all for this time.  I will try and get some more shots of different figures in the up coming weeks.


5 thoughts on “Some Old and New Figures

    • Thank you very much. All of these shots are taken on my kitchen table. ^_^ It was just chance that I happened to find this character at Anime Detour in 2009. I’m sure the dealer didn’t know that this figure was almost impossible to find, although he did sell it at about a 50 % premium over the list price. I’m lucky to have it.

      • WOWWWW!!! Huhu~ I’m so addicted to Persona. Cool kitchen by the way. Lucky youuuuu!!!! Envy much~ ❤ Where did you bought it?

      • Persona 3 or 4 is pretty cool. I have a couple of Aigis figures, but those are the only Persona figures that I have. I had originally wanted to get Akihiko or Mitsuru but never got around to it. Too many figures, not enough money. ^_^ I bought the figure at Anime Detour in 2009. You can see photos of the dealer room on my Detour post from April of 2009 under the Cons category.
        The next time I shoot some figures I’ll take some shots of my photo set up so you can see more of my kitchen than a grey background. Oh, and thanks for the comments.

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