Favorite Cosplay Videos

I should have done this a while ago, but I’ve been watching all sorts of cosplayer videos that were created at different Cons and thought I would post some of my favorites.  The first one is from beatdownboogie taken at Dragoncon in Atlanta and it looks like so much fun I am really, REALLY tempted to go.  It’s on Labor Day weekend.  I need to decide.  Also, if you check Youtube there is a much longer version available.  The number of cosplayers is incredible!

Next is a lip dub from Cosplay Fever  created at MCM Expo in London and I think it is incredibly well done.  They have a couple of other lip dub video’s that are really good too.

One of my favorite videographers that does cosplayer videos at the various Cons is Acksonl.  He has a lot of other videos to see from other Cons too.  Some I like better than others, but he’s done a lot of stuff.  Here’s another from Anime Expo from last year.

There are quite a few other videos on Youtube that are pretty good.  Here are some of my other favorites.

From MLZ Studios


From mamuro5254i


Of course there are a lot of other videos out there, and I can’t hope to include them all,  but these are some of my favorites.  Most of all, it’s the amazing cosplayers that make all of this possible.



One thought on “Favorite Cosplay Videos

  1. The major problem with DragonCon is that 34% of its profit goes to Ed Kramer who is a pedophile. He’s actually used the money to start a production company for young boys while delaying the trial for his 2000 arrest for raping young boys. But cons are really fun and you should definitely go to one.

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