Favorite Anime Expo Videos

I thought I would share some of my favorite Anime Expo cosplayer videos in case some of you had not seen these yet.  They weren’t the first videos up about AX, but they are really well made and you can see they were filmed with a steadycam mount which gives the very fluid movement.

The first is from dD – Drift Doctor, and it’s the first of four videos he has up.  It you like them check out his YouTube channel here.  I’m going to be checking out more of his stuff, it’s really good.

The second group of three videos are from mamuro5254, and once again they must have been done with a steadycam mount.  Very nice videos.   You can check out his YouTube channel here.  Really nice stuff.


Incredible Cosplay!

I’m sure that most people who are interested in cosplay have probably already seen this, but I was just floored by how great these costumes were.  This is from Ryoko-demon on Deviant Art who is a Russian cosplayer who has been at it for some time.  This is some of the best cosplay I have seen.  You can follow this link to her Deviant Art gallery and see more shots of Jessie and James in addition to many other costumes that she’s done.  They even put together a Team Rock video here.  All I can say is Wow!

Rainy day, dirty figures.

No, I’m not talking about ecchi figures, I mean dusty, dirty figures.  It’s been way too long since I’ve cleaned off some of this girls and they have gotten pretty bad.  Take a look.

You can probably tell I have cats in the house.  ^_^

Nendoroids are usually pretty easy to clean up.  The dust comes off pretty quick, and, of course, they are small.


New Album from Perfume

I have to pay much more attention to this stuff.  The girls almost snuck this new album of theirs by me without notice.  Ok, I admit I completely missed that they had their new singles, Glitter and Spice, out a month or so ago.  In any case I just love their new music.   Some of it we’ve heard before, but their are several new songs too.  Here is the song list.

  1. The Opening
  2. レーザービーム(Album-mix) (Laser Beam)
  3. GLITTER (Album-mix)
  4. ナチュラルに恋して (Natural ni Koishite)
  6. 時の針 (Toki no Hari)
  7. ねぇ (Nee)
  8. 微かなカオリ (Kasuka na Kaori)
  9. 575
  10. VOICE
  11. 心のスポーツ (Kokoro no Sports)
  12. Have a Stroll
  13. 不自然なガール (Fushizen na Girl)
  14. スパイス (Spice)

They are all really good, and the PV’s for Glitter and Spice are wonderful.  Check them out it you can.

Kimi ni Todoke Sawako Nendoroid

The Good Smile Company has come out with a nendoroid of the sweet character of Sawako Kuromuna from Kimi ni Todoke.  She is definitely a favorite character of mine and I will probably have to pre-order this soon.  It looks like she come with the puppy she found called Maru-chan.  Pretty nice.

I kind of wish they had done a version of her with her hair in her mouth when playing the part of the ghost.  That was pretty cool.

More images after the break.


Awesome Animation!

I came across these by just by accident, but they are just wonderful animations.  They are from Studio Kajino and it appears that they are the only animated videos that they produced.  What a shame.  To me, this is a cross between futuristic 1950’s art style and Japanese animation, which, as far as I’m concerned, is as good as it could get.  The music is by Capsule, which fits wonderfully.  I’ll have some more on Capsule in another post.  But for now, enjoy these wonderful music videos.



Latest Figure Preorder

After watching the Fractale anime series I just couldn’t resist when Good Smile announced that it was going to release a figure of the adorable character Nessa.  It’s reportedly going to be available in the fall of this year.   A long wait, but typical for most preorders.

And here are a couple of screen captured images of Nessa from the series.

Note that there are some coloration differences with the figure photo, but we’ll see what that final figure release looks like.  I don’t mind either way.